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Welcome to InstaFameNow

Welcome to the grand opening of our site! As a courtesy to our new users we are working with other apps to give everyone 1000 free followers! Hit the button below to download one of our sponsers apps from the app store. Once you've downloaded any of the apps wait 24 hours & you'll recieve 1000 followers for every app you download! The more apps you download, the more followers you'll earn!

Instagram Packages

With our exclusive packages for Instagram we can supply unlimited followers every day, until your package expires or you decide to end it!


  • 100 Followers / day
  • 300 Likes / day

Your Username:


  • 1000 Followers / day
  • 2500 Likes / day

Your Username:


  • 5,000 Followers / day
  • 7,000 Likes / day

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  • 10,000 Followers / day
  • 15,000 Likes / day

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Terms of Service

What to know about our services
1. It is the responsibility of the buyer to end all subscriptions if needed through paypal.
2. By purchasing from InstaFameNow you agree that you will not open any fraudulant chargebacks.
3. You agree to our subscription model described on our site, and denial of this is prohibited.
4. Refunds are only available if your package hasn't been delivered within 36 hours.
5. If your followers unfollow it is your responsibility to contact us to refill, you may not open a fraudulant dispute.
6. Your followers may be siezed for opening a fraudulant chargeback
7. These terms of service are subject to change at any time

Have questions? Contact Us!